Company Vision

In line with industry demand, Hava Khana Sanat Company has set its target

Standing among the top three companies producing steel and lightweight steel and stainless steel profiles
Develop a variety of stainless steel products taking into account target market needs
Ranked among the top five companies in the seamless stainless steel pipe and profiles industry in the next five years

Gain 35% market share in the next ten years


Our Mission

Homa East Industries is a privately owned Iranian company and one of the largest independent producers of steel pipe and steel profiles. Homa East Industries intends to produce stainless steel tubes and profiles in a full thickness of 0.4 to 2 mm.

We are proud to be one of the pioneers of the country’s light steel industry and will continue to improve our products in the future based on customers’ requests and expectations.

The main focus of Homa Industry East is to satisfy customers by providing different sizes of steel and stainless steel pipes and profiles.

The strength of Hava Khavar Sanat Company relies on skilled and skilled internal force. This key factor has enabled our collection to fulfill its mission of “producing quality products based on the recognition of industry needs”.


Using the most advanced and high quality devices in the world


Experienced staff

Professional and professional personnel in the production complex


Standards and Certifications

Compliance with all standards and obtaining all accredited worldwide certifications

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Comes with advanced product  lines

Profile Production Line

Production of rectangular rectangular profiles of various thicknesses

Pipe Production Line

Manufacture of industrial pipes and structures from 1.5 to 2 inches thick


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